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RH-247 Sites & Data centers

For our client’s needs Remotehands24-7 can position
engineers worldwide for long or short term projects

Our Companies

Remotehands 247 B.V.

Remotehands 247 B.V.

Remotehands 247 GmbH

Remotehands 247 GmbH

Main locations

Remotehands 247
covers the following sites and data centers

● The Netherlands (Amsterdam) ● Spain (Madrid) ● UK (London) ● Ireland (Dublin, Belfast) ● Germany (Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart) ● Sweden (Stockholm) ● Belgium (Brussels) ● France (Paris, Marseille) ● Austria (Vienna) ● Serbia (Belgrade) ● Croatia (Zagreb, Split, Osijek) ● Slovenia (Ljubljana) ● Macedonia (Skopje) ● Bulgaria (Sofia, Burgas) ● Romania (Brașov, Bucharest, Timisoara) ● Hungary (Budapest)  ● Slovakia (Bratislava) ● Turkey (Istanbul) ● Russia (Moscow) ● Norway (Oslo) ● Finland (Helsinki) ● Switzerland (Zurich) ● Scotland (Edinburgh) ● Poland (Warsaw)  ● Estonia (Tallinn) ● Italy (Milan) ● Czech Republic (Prague) ● Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki)  ● Italy (Rome, Milan, Palermo)

Also we have presence in these countries but the availability and the price has to be checked each time.

● Bosnia (Sarajevo) ● Albania (Tirana) ● Kosovo (Pristina) ● Saint Petersburg (Russia)
● All countries of the APAC and EMEA regions. also covering majority of other continents Asia, America, Afrika, Australia…
● For specifiec countries/cities please contact us.

Listed cities cover 75 km radius.

For further distances travel is separately charged

2015 - Amsterdam

One of the best-connected cities in Europe.

The Dutch capital is one of the best-connected cities in Europe and a key hub for international business. Combined with the Netherlands’ pro-business environment, high connectivity, Amsterdam is a natural gateway into Europe making it the center of the digital revolution.

2015 - Amsterdam

2016 - Frankfurt

Extremely attractive location.

Germany is Europe’s largest economy center, with Frankfurt leading the connectivity networks in the country. The density of network service providers and the extremely attractive location for business start-ups makes it an important gateway to Central, Northern and Eastern Europe

2017 - Paris

Our fast response time!

Paris, Europe’s second largest economy center with number of interconnected data centers, provides access to not only France but southern Europe as well.

Our response time to an emergency callout is 2-4 hours within the Paris area if the call out agreement is established.

2017 - Paris

Services like Colocation in Cabinets, Cages or Private Rooms, Private access to Microsoft Azure, AWS and IBM SoftLayer can be arranged in cooperation with our broad network of engineers and partners. Contact us and we will provide your company reliable and quality service in accordance with a very competitive price.

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