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We are a telecom maintenance company specialized in implementation and maintenance of equipment and telecommunication networks.

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General telecommunication infrastructure engineering

We offer full cycle turn-key solutions, including process steps

-  Design
-  Purchase and delivery of material
-  Building structures
-  Commissioning
-  Integration
Our particular engineering service segments are

-  telecommunication network infrastructures
-  complex infrastructure environments (at heights and undersea)
-   data center infrastructures
-  energy infrastructures
-  broadcasting infrastructures
-  GSM and microwaves
-  fixed networks of telecommunication operations
-  railroad infrastructure engineering
-  seismic infrastructures   

Particular engineering objects

data centers, edge data centers, factories, photovoltaic power stations, charging stations, nuclear plants, energy infrastructures, dams, railway lines and relays, underwater cables, remote antennas, cell phone base stations, solar parks

Solutions we offer

Our company offers highly efficient data centers Remote/Smart Hands Services for maintaining, establishing and improving the telecommunications infrastructure.

As effective trouble-shooters and problem solvers we are an extension to the customer’s operation teams that are in need of Remotehands services.

Technological expertise, extensive knowledge and many years of experience guarantee reliable and quality service.

We offer more

Besides Remote hands we offer a variety of services from logistics, installations, configurations, supply of material up to arranging, advising, project management, recruitment, etc.

Why you should choose us

Our highly effective and reliable services create trustworthy relations with our clients.

We offer flexible solutions which grow and develop according to your needs. This way you reach maximum results with flexible prices.

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