Remotehands 247 B.V.

offers maintenance of equipments and networks in data centers throughout the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other sites), Germany (Frankfurt, Berlin and other cities), Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp and surroundings), France (Paris and surroundings), Spain (Madrid) and Sweden (Stockholm)

Wi-Fi Networks

Designing, Optimizing, and Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Networks

We maintain various equipment of world leading companies and businesses at the following data centers: Equinix, Global Switch, Digital Reality, Vancis, Nikhef, Interxion, Telehouse, Itenos, E- Shelter and others.

Wi-Fi Networks

We perform active and passive site Surveys (Ekahau and Airmagnet).

Here is the list of the most common impacts to your Wi – Fi network:

  • Physical Obstructions – objects from solid material as hills, building, walls or even people can affect on quality of signal
  • Network Range & Distance between Devices - with every new inch of cable your signal is becoming weaker
  • Wireless Network Interference - interference between devices on similar frequencies which effects on the performance of the whole process
  • Signal Sharing - more devices that communicate instantaneously with access point so point of access has to delegate its resources to each device individually
  • Network Usage & Load - the number of clients is disproportionate to network bandwidth
  • Poorly Deployed Antennas – depending of direction or orientation of installed antenna, signals will go in specific direction, sometimes with limited effects
  • Local Environment Characteristics – wall construction of properties is one of the biggest inhibitors
  • Spectrum Channel Limitations – this affects only on wireless network that operate on band such as 2.4 GHz, which is split up into 11 channels
  • Signal Reflection – known as Multi-Path Fade, which occurs in building with complex and intricate layouts of structure
  • Wireless Signal Restriction – refers to restriction of the signal to limited area where you want to provide access

Fiber splicing

We have team of experience fiber splicer and are willing to go to the projects wherever you need us to go.

Installations & Decommissioning
We provide infrastructure projects and structured cabling services from in various set ups from Data Centres, to schools and hospitals. We are flexible, dedicated, responsive and extremely focused to always meet dead lines. We have many years experience in cabling infrastructure like power cabling, Cat 5/6 cabling including FTP and UTP, All kinds of fibres, testing gears (JDSU, EXFO, Fluke, Anritsu) and basically everything that has been used in modern Data Centres. We have been involved in multiple new DC builds across Mainland Europe with leading Global Data Centre providers. Rack installations, cabling, equipment mounting, labelling, testing etc.

In addition to maintaining data centers and equipment, our Remotehands 247 team can assist with consultation, advising, helping out and project management. From small companies to large companies, we have the knowledge and experience to assist companies in making business progress with our reliable assistance, advising in data center locations, equipment choice, network architecture, vendor choice, calculating power/cooling usage, thinking together and efficient remote hands services.

Network Services
Network architecture, equipment pickup and delivery, consulting in planning and implementation of copper and optical computer networks, ethernet, IP Transit, VPN, Voice and other services.
IT Services
Computer, Hosting, ICT and IT Services, Network, Office, Software, Professional Services.
Material Supply
We supply project miscellaneous items like patch cables, patch panels, Velcro and tie wraps. Most are on stock, other non-common items would have to be ordered.
Energy + Utilities, Retail.

Do you need staff to maintain your data centers, engineers, ICT/IT personnel, web editors, content strategists, web designers or other skilled employees, we are also offering recruitment services.

Do you need professionals or employees to maintain your data centers, engineers, ICT/IT personnel or other skilled experts?

Remotehands 247 can help you to find excellent people that match your needs.

Cloud / Connectivity / Convergence / Broadband / Fiber optic cables / Infrastructure /

Mobile broadband / Network / 4G / Backhaul / Carrier/ VIVID / LAN / WAN

Smart Hands

Remote Hands Services
Response to call out, installation/swap of the hardware parts, troubleshooting, delivering, shipping, configuration remotely and at the spot, renting out test sets etc.

Call Out 24/7 Services

NOC Network Operations Center

Our NOC can provide 24/7 monitoring, troubleshooting, changing configuration or installing new IOS or configuration.

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