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OUR Turnkey System!

In cooperation with ENCONNEX we offer a complete solution for your data center.

Project, equipment manufacturer, install and maintain your data center

    Enconnex Server Cabinets

    Server cabinets form the backbone of the well-engineered data center. Enconnex designs and manufactures server cabinets for the world’s most demanding data center environments.

    DefenseShield EMC

    The DefenseShield Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Hardened Enclosure is a Radio Frequency shielded cabinet that provides military-grade performance to shield against technical surveillance and block electromagnetic fields.

    Aisle Containment Solutions

    The Enconnex aisle containment product line, the perfect custom fit equipment to keep your data center cold. Match with our full line of data center IT infrastructure products for a complete solution.

    The AC6000 UPS Li-Ion

    The Enconnex AC6000 is a game-changer in UPS with its 6 kW Li-Ion battery technology, 7-year battery life, and small size. It’s simply a better UPS for your data center.

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